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Here are some frequently asked questions, answered by yours truly! Also, some fun, wacky facts about me and my personal journey.

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: Southern California! I was born in Orange County and have lived everywhere from Huntington Beach to Los Angeles. I briefly lived in the bay area (Northern California) for about a year while I was in high school. But I'd say, yes, California is my place of origin.

Q: You said you gave birth to your daughter at home, in a tub, why would you do that?
A: I learned a long time ago that just because an idea is popular doesn't make it the only choice or even the best one. After a lot of fact collecting when I got pregnant I learned very quickly that statistically, based on evidence, the likelihood of me having a safe, happy birthing experience is much higher at home. Now, this is only if I have a normal, healthy pregnancy and I am considered to be in normal healthy. I will continue to blog about this topic and many other feminist issues and you can read more about evidence based birth here.

Q: Aren't you fat? Why should I read what you think about food, exercise & happiness? (Yes, I really got this question once).
A: Whoa. I understand where your hostility is coming from. In our culture we are reminded from birth to adulthood, on a daily basis, that we are not good enough. That in order to be happy we must have a certain type of body, hair, degree, level of enlightenment lol. This makes a lot of very large corporations A SHIT TON of money. I understand that the concept that a woman can be confident, radiant and worthy of love is a foreign one. Truthfully, I've struggled a lot during my life with these thoughts about myself. I still struggle with them and instead of hating myself for feeling inadequate, I choose to let them go as they came: quickly, with no effort on my part. I've figured out that if I wait for everything to be in place (my body, my career, my bank account, my dishes (lol)) I'll be waiting forever and miss out on all of the epic experience that this universe created just for me, because I am so freakin' rad, RIGHT NOW. Whoa, that was a mouthful! Long story short: If you are wondering this about me, it's probably a great opportunity to turn that questions inwards. Do you think you are fat? (Most people in this country think this way throughout the day). Do you think that you can't eat tasty food, maximize oxygen to your brain (exercise) or be happy until... something? Definitely worth looking at.

Q: Are you a conspiracy theorist against the government, pharmaceutical industries & big business?
A: I think the phrase conspiracy theory has taken on a whole new meaning at the urging of higher powers who want to label people who might question what they're told as crazy lol. Here's the thing: there is no doubt in my mind that large corporations hold almost all of the power and money. Big pharma doesn't make money when people feel good, they make money when people are sick. It wouldn't be in their best interest for the sake of profit to help people feel better. It's not a conspiracy, its just how it is. The government is full of politicians, it is their job to get elected. In order to do this they must appeal to the most amount of people. They cannot do this by suggesting radical change or not taking massive amounts of campaign money. And they are funded by these large, powerful corporations so what kind of changes can they really make? I consider myself to be a realist, actually. With eyes wide open I do my best to change this cycle because I know that the only way these problems will continue (hunger, poverty, deadly illness, the destruction of our earth) is if I, the consumer, allow it. It's not a question of if its true, its a question of what will I do with the truth? The answer, to me, is to live in a socially responsible way and be open to understanding everyone is on their own journey. I believe change is coming and the universe always favors positivity. Love is on the rise, things are changing for the better! I choose to embrace this in my own life and do my best to be part of the solution. I don't compost ALL of my garbage (yet) and don't think I'm better than any other person trying to make good choices for themselves and their family.

Q: Are you one of those hippie moms?
A: Haha, yes! I think my generation has given that label a whole new meaning, though. We're everyday goddess', embedded in reality, not living on communes with multiple sex partners. I support home birth, doulas, midwives, less medical intervention, alternative medicines, yoga, meditation, consignment and thrift stores, reading, research, discussion, leaving boys intact (anti-circumcision), wearing my baby, letting natural immunity develop (making informed choices about vaccines), baltic amber and clove oil for teething, simple wood toys, co-sleeping, meeting my baby's need (no crying it out here) and more. I am educated on these topics, I don't question vaccination because Jenny McCarthy told me to or because it's cool. We're parents, doing our best to facilitate a safe space for our daughter to thrive and know she's loved. That looks different for everyone!

Q: Are you a feminist?
A: Anyone who believes in the equality of women is a feminist. So, yes.

Q: What does sex-positive mean?
A: The long answer is: a social movement which promotes and embraces sexuality with few limits beyond an emphasis on safe sex and the importance of informed consent. Sex positivity is "an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation. The sex-positive movement advocates sex education and safer sex as part of its campaign." The movement generally makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual activities, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference. Short answer: I believe there is no shame in sexual pleasure no matter what is is. The limits are simple: safe sex (protection against STD's and unwanted pregnancy) and informed consent, in other words, it should be something you and your partner want.

Fun, Wacky Facts About Me

I have a lot of tattoos, I've honestly never counted
I can trim a cat's nails on all paws in under a minute
I love the taste of sour
My favorite flower is all of the wild flowers ever
I can knit but not crochet
I watch a lot of cartoons (Adventure Time, Archer, Bobs Burgers, Clone Wars)
I was in the Star Wars EpIII line on Hollywood Blvd for 3 months
I'm half Mexican and half Swedish
My biological father lives in California, I've met him twice
I've had many jobs: consignment buyer, makeup artist, children's art teacher, bikini waxer and more.
My daughter was due on Christmas day but came on January 5th
I paint, draw, pursue creativity as much as possible
I'm an aquarius sun, leo moon and pisces rising
My favorite color is pink and green (together)
We have 2 cats: Artoo and Threepio
I'm left handed
When I was 13 a psychic told me that i'd marry the love of my life at 23 and we'd have a daughter together
I have a strong sense of smell but not hearing
I love to journal
I absolutely delight in getting pedicures regularly
I usually get through 3 books a week
I am afraid of 2 things: hypodermic needles and cockroaches
(oh, and velociraptors)
I was raised catholic and attended catholic school from 1-8th grades
I can sew a basic pattern
My favorite food is cheese and wine (together)
My husband named our daughter
I have a dream of tending a small chicken coop one day
I have one brother and one sister
I love Disneyland


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